Who are we?

A creator of cultural and educational content

Les Apprimeurs was born in 2013 out of a meeting between the worlds of publishing and graphic design. Its ambition is to come up with creative solutions to make access to the written word, culture and education ever more inclusive and innovative.

Our hybrid name, which intertwines the ideas of “application” and “printers”, expresses our desire to build bridges between the world of paper and that of digital and thus to be part of an editorial continuity based on three major values:

  • The creation of new reading and playing experiences,
  • The accessibility of content,
  • The complementarity of physical and immaterial media.

We are committed to working with professionals by offering the production of enriched digital ebooks and paper books, the creation of digital and paper games, the development of educational platforms, and training in the management and design of educational and cultural projects across multiple media.

Since its creation, the agency has also had the opportunity to coordinate and participate in more than twenty European projects aimed at fostering learning, inclusion, accessibility of content and promotion of European values through various physical and immaterial solutions: digital libraries of adapted educational resources (for people with disabilities, learning difficulties, illiteracy, etc.), interactive e-books, educational escape games, virtual exhibitions, online training, etc.

We also create exhibitions based on our paper and digital books: large-format prints, sketches, ebooks and playful installations.

A print and digital publishing house for children

Under our publishing brand L’Apprimerie, we are also developing a catalogue of paper and digital children’s books for 2-10 year olds, which includes game books, documentaries, interactive books, comic books and illustrated albums…