Creative solutions
to facilitate access to culture
and knowledge for all

Our missions

Our team pursue missions of public utility in the fields of education, culture and education in its several dimensions (access to reading, writing, illiteracy, people with disabilities, learning disabilities, distance from cultural life and new technologies).

Our activities

Paper books
and ebooks

We imagine and publish illustrated books in different formats: children albums, playbooks, learningbooks, documentaries…

Content development
and design of experiences

We conceive and spread out different solutions to facilitate access to knowledge and culture: educational plateforms, playful learning tools, online trainings, ressources library…

and coaching

We provide on a regular basis trainings and support services for the management of multi-media educational and cultural projects.

Our fields of action


Cultural heritage


Digital sobriety


‘Minotaureland’ restitution workshop by the Léo Lagrange school at the Carnot school

‘Play books in schools’ conference – A look back at the Edugraal project

Theseus, Ariadne and the Minotaur workshop at the Léo Lagrange school

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Publications, exhibitions, workshops, pedagogical ressources, discover our latest creations!

Des lettres et des signes

Picture book

Head in the clouds

Picture book

Yuku and the Himalayan Flower

Picture book


AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication) for more inclusive learning

Pedagogical resourcesToolbox

Creating inclusive tools to innovate access to museums

Pedagogical resources

Promoting well-being at school through tales

Playful learning tools

Our team is committed to working with the education, formation and culture skateholders to imagine and implement projects on a European and Iternational scale which promote learning and inclusion through several physical and immaterial solutions.