Our team is committed to working with the education, formation and culture skateholders to imagine and implement projects on a European and Iternational scale which promote learning and inclusion through several physical and immaterial solutions.
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Oral tradition at the service of learning to read

Pedagogical resources

A platform of exercises adapted to students with DYS disorders

Learning platform

Introducing new tools for more inclusive learning

Pedagogical resources

Inspiring stories to facilitate learning and build self-confidence

Pedagogical resources

Literary heritage for learning a second language

EbookPedagogical resources

Deconstruct prejudices against mental health

Comic bookEbookPedagogical resources

Homework turned into stories to play!

E-learning modulesEbook

Reducing the digital divide and isolation through ebooks and audiobooks

E-learning modulesEbook


Interactive mapPedagogical resourcesToolbox

Discovering the “Off” side of cities through digital tours

Pedagogical resources

Ebooks and exhibitions to help integrate newcomer pupils

EbookExhibitionPedagogical resources

Discovering mathematical language through storytelling and manipulation

EbookPlayful learning tools