Pont des arts is a collection published by L’Élan vert that offers creative and innovative albums to discover works of art. We have worked on the adaptation of 5 albums from this collection into interactive ebooks.

The guardian of the tree

Djalil turned around.
Everything was fine. No one followed him.
No one must know that he was coming to Minoa,
or else he would be in trouble.
In the village, people said anything!
For some, Minoa was just an old crazy lady
who talked to trees. But for others,
the most numerous, she was a witch.
Djalil prefered to let them talk and keep his secret.

The bear and the moon

In the great polar cold, the bear and the moon dream of travel.
Why not leave the ice pack and explore the earth?
The moon becomes a boat, and the adventure begins.
The immense ocean, the sound jungle, the lights of the city…
Rich encounters punctuate their world tour.

Go on an original journey. Pick up the moon and discover the world in the company of François Pompon’s White Bear, the main sculpture of the Musée d’Orsay. Cécile Alix and Antoine Guilloppé pay a wonderful tribute to the sculptor and offer us an extraordinary adventure.

Four-season circus

It happened one evening in September, during the show. Something had snapped in Antonio’s back. Since then, the violinist clown had to stay in bed. One day in November, there was a knock at the door. Knock, knock, knock. It was his friend Autumn! As the year went by, came Winter then Spring and Summer. As the seasons passed, Antonio regained his health…

Celebrate the seasons with this interactive album in homage to Arcimboldo’s fruit and vegetable men and to Vivaldi. Find excerpts from the Four Seasons throughout the story.

The cave of dancing animals

In the clan, the young Flime is as lively and smiling as her brother Thaïm is dull. Three winters ago, the boy’s hand froze and one finger remained twisted. If Thaïm remains motionless, eyes wide open in front of the prowling panther, it is not because he is afraid! Flime is certain, he has a secret that nobody knows. For several days, at dawn, Thaïm has been escaping furtively from the camp and entering the mountain… This morning, Flime follows him.

Enter the Cave of Dancing Animals! An adventure that will transport you to the heart of prehistory and make you discover the cave art of the Chauvet-Pont d’Arc cave.

Opapi’s helmet

“Here it is now at home, this helmet, all rusted by time, all blackened by the earth in which it has slept
so long. I was planting a small oak tree in the meadow when my shovel woke it up this morning… It was a helmet,
an old soldier’s helmet from 14-18. Grandpa then told me about the war.”

Dive into the history of the Opapi’s Helmet and discover the daily life of the French soldiers during the First World War. An ebook in homage to the universe of Fernand Léger and more particularly to his painting The Card Game.